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Milk Rice Comics

Milk Rice Comics is a webcomic I created after the birth of my first child. There were so many things about parenting that was different from what I was told or from what I expected, so I decided to illustrate these moments in comic form!

Featured on The Huffington Post and Working Mother.

See more here.

labor pains.jpg
sponge bath_edited.jpg
Pregnancy heartburn.jpg
Tummy on tummy.jpg
pregnancy picnic.jpg
pregnancy picnic 2.jpg
hair pulling.jpg
football hold.jpg
Netflix binge.jpg
Hidden  Costs of Breastfeeding.jpg
pinky hold 3.jpg
Huggies wipes-Recovered 2.jpg
babies and beards.jpg
The Walking Dead.jpg
Star Trek the next generation.jpg
4th trimester 2.jpg
Breastfeeding comic 4.jpg
Fatherhood expectation copy.jpg
Pest control.jpg
childcare class comic.jpg
Superdad 4.jpg
Sharing is caring.jpg
Trying to get baby to sleep low res.jpg
The Scream Instagram.jpg
pitter patter.jpg
Never let you go.jpg
Dad Bod.jpg
navel gazing.jpg
Baby Hokey Pokey.jpg
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